Luck of the Irish - Gold Wedding Ring Found!

  • from Middlesex County, (New Jersey, United States)

Received a call from Mark about his wedding ring that was lost while walking his dog. While all wedding rings are dear to their owner’s heart, Mark went above and beyond. It took 7 jewelers before he could find one that could make that ‘special’ ring – white gold with incredibly carved Irish symbols (Celtic cross & the Claddagh) around the outside. Luckily Mark knew the route he walked and it took me 2.5 hours of searching in the 93 degree heat but at last – success! It was found under 3-4 inches of mashed down grass from all those neighbors who had come to assist Mark the day before I arrived. It is always a thrill to find a missing ring and return it to the owner but by the neighborhood reaction, and Mark’s, hope for recovery was almost gone. I laughed when I called him to come outside and “pick up your ring,” as he sputtered and by his admission, “I didn’t even tell my wife, I just left the room in a hurry.” Smiles all around as Mrs. Langston came out to personally thank me. Their anniversary was in three days and now a very happy anniversary indeed! Special shout-out to Chris Turner for creating an organization that provides benefits both to the clients and the individual Ringfinders mutually!

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