Platinum ring lost, found and returned from roadside! Big Island, Hawaii.

“Paved Platinum”
It was a long drive out to Kawaihae for me this morning from Kona – but it a much longer time for Ethan who had lost his ring after running out of gas a week ago.
Having returned to his car with gas, he managed to spill it all over his hands and shook them. When he did, his platinum ring flew off his finger to who-knows-where! It was instantly lost.
He’d gone back to the area numerous times and scoured the area with his hands in the dirt and grass, used a rake to hopefully bring it up and even gone at night with a flashlight in case he could see a glint off his platinum ring. No luck.
When he called me, he was doubtful I’d find it – even doubtful it had been lost there. “I’m 90% sure this is the spot I lost it…” he’d said.
I looked across the road and imagined it rolling to the other side. Trucks and traffic flew by.
Ethan had to go back to work at a local restaurant so I got out my Minelab Excalibur II and started immediately looking. Lots of trash at roadside – even in remote areas – nails, bottle caps, pull tabs, aluminum cans and …. then a platinum ring! It was so well ‘hidden’ under the dirt that even when it was in my hand and I was waving it over the detector coil, I couldn’t see it. I emptied the handful of dirt in my hand on a spot without grass or trash and poked through the sand and stones. There it was – lost no more!
I drove over to Ethan’s work and walked in with his ring in hand! A good day’s work – and a small stretch of roadside cleaned of trash!
(A friendly patron also filmed the return for me. Click the link below – it will download the 13 mb file, then Enjoy!)