Gold wedding band lost on muddy trail...Found!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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I was pleased with myself, having disassembled, cleaned, and packed my metal detector for a impending trip.  So when I received the text from Will and his wife looking for assistance locating his missing gold wedding band, it was a scramble to unpack, assemble and get out the door with my rain gear.  I had to get the ring found before leaving for my trip or it might remain lost for an extended period of time.

I met Will in a lite drizzle at the Macedo Ranch Staging Area where only a few days earlier he and his family had been for a hike.  The trail, a muddy quagmire, proved to be detrimental to his gold wedding band (and apparently a pair of shoes) when he sank knee deep into the muck.  After warning others not to proceed he recovered and shook the mud from his hands.  At that moment, he felt the band slip away and disappear in the sticky mud.  The family, aided by a nearby photographer, searched for some time but came up short.

Disappointed at the loss and looking for solutions, Will thought about purchasing a metal detector.  He admitted he may have even had an Equinox machine in his cart on Amazon when he made contact with me.

At this point in the story, I’d like to thank the individual who located my services and past it along to Will and his family.  Without you, this might have had a very different ending and so thank you;.  I’d gladly buy you a drink should we meet-up at some point.

More to the point, it was a 10-15 minute walk through lite rain and sticky mud up the trail to where Will and his family left markers.  These markers coincided with a GPS coordinate they took to be able to get back to the locale.  These two actions put me within 8 feet or less to where we found that booming mid-tone (VDI-20).  The conditions were not great, the same quagmire that Will took his fall was now our search area, but after approximately 30 minutes of search time, we made the recovery!

Will- It was a pleasure talking with you on our little treasure hunt.  All the things your family did to get us in the right location was spot on, great job!  I’m very happy with the result and excited that the ring tells an even more exciting tale beyond just your marriage.  Best luck to you and the family in the future!



Bay Area Ring Finders: Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590

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  1. William Czaja says:

    I must admit, when I first lost my wedding ring amidst the squelching mud and twisted roots of that treacherous hiking trail, I felt like Frodo Baggins on a journey to Mordor, except without the assurance of a happy ending. The look on my spouse’s face only confirmed the direness of my predicament.

    But then, you emerged like a knight in shining armor, armed with your trusty metal detector, and I knew there was hope. You swooped into action, your detector beeping like R2-D2 on a mission, and the mud stood no chance against your extraordinary ring-finding prowess.

    With unyielding determination, you waded through the muck, like an eager truffle pig, except instead of fungi, you sought out precious metal. And lo and behold, you unearthed my precious ring, transforming my tale of woe into a comedic triumph!

    Brendan, I cannot express my gratitude enough for your exceptional skills and tireless dedication to reuniting wayward rings with their rightful owners. You are the Sherlock Holmes of lost jewelry, and I am forever indebted to your remarkable talents.

    Please accept this testimonial as a small token of my appreciation. I will be singing your praises far and wide, spreading the legend of Brendan, the Ring Whisperer. May your metal detector never falter and may the rings you find forever sparkle in the sun.

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