Lost Ring found in Garvin, Minnesota

  • from Bruce (South Dakota, United States)

A couple of months ago, I received a phone message from another ringfinder who lived in the Minneapolis, MN area.  He had received a request from, Jacob B., a young man in southern Minnesota who had lost a wedding ring and wanted this Minneapolis man to come to the family farm to find it.  The Minneapolis ringfinder told him about me, a member of the ringfinders group, in South Dakota, only about an hour’s drive away.   So, with a few phone calls, and a few texts and emails, I was on my way to a small town about 50 miles away from my home.  The lost ring was a 14karat white gold band.  Jacob, said he thinks he knew about where in the farm yard that he lost it, and my contact was his father, Greg, who would be able to meet me at the farm on a date that we both could be there.  Upon arriving at the farm, I met Greg and listened to the whole story of how the ring became lost.  The parents, Greg and his wife, were preparing to move into the old farmhouse at the family farm, and Jacob was there helping carry things in the house from the cars or whatever was used to transport their belongings.  During the time of the move, Jacob noticed his ring was missing, but he knew he had it on only minutes before. He thought it was lost near where the cars were parked by the garage.  After about a half an hour of searching this area, I stopped to take a small break, and wipe all the sweat from my face, as it was in the 90’s with high humidity.  My detector was leaning against my body as I was doing this, with the coil resting on the ground, and as I picked it up to start swinging it again, I got a loud beeping sound like it was detecting a coin, so I swept around the area, and then using my pin pointer, I searched the area where the hit came from, and scraping away some gravel I found the ring that had been pushed down into the sandy gravel.  I gave a yell over to Greg, and said I had hit the jackpot.  He came over and said, “You mean you found it?  You have got to be kidding me!”  I held the ring up and put it in his hand, and he couldn’t have been happier as if it was his own ring.   I was very gratified that my detector did the job.  I was happy to help the newly-weds who had only been married a couple of months.  My Garrett ACE 250 has been my go to detector and I have found a lot of good stuff.  Enclosed are pictures of the ring and Greg, Jacob’s father,

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