Rome (Maine) lost i phone

Received a call from Warren who found me through Ringfinders concerning a lost phone.  He stated he placed an ipad and phone on his car roof top then left before retrieving them. He realized it a mile or so down the camp road. The ipad was still there but no phone. He immediately started searching.A short time later received a notice on the ipad that his phone had triggered a 911 call. The sheriff dept checked the area out and no accident.The phone tower triangulation address did not exist and was accurate only within hundreds of yards. After two days calling the phone day and night (driving the camp road with no lights) He and his neighbor still had not found it. When I arrived I started at the beginning where the phone was placed on the roof and began a slow search in my truck. The leaves are hard this time of years and a cell phone won’t bury itself under them . I focused on any object or terrain feature that could hide a phone. They had already walked the whole route twice. After 20 or so stops and investigations, brush piles ,culverts, fallen evergreen branches,  I found an area with 6 to 8 inch shrubs that the leaves were leaning against. Sweep them with the metal detector and found the phone. It was 3/4 buried under the leaves but not visible from the road. It was also well short of the 911 search area. Warren and I were both happy for sure.  The phone still had 41 percent battery after 50 plus missed calls!

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