Bill McDougall

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis so I am happy to accept what you feel is fair for the service of having your item found. There is a $30 call out fee to cover my gas expense. Maybe less or more depending on where you are located.

Search Types

Parks, fields, dooryards, gardens, beaches, snowbanks, woods.

Search Locations

Maine & surrounding areas...

Bill McDougall's Bio

I having been metal detecting since 2004. I have helped many people recover lost items-- rings, jewelry, basically anything that contains metal. I have recently retired, feel free to call anytime. The sooner you call, the better the chance we have of finding the lost item. That being said, I once found a ring for a gentleman that was lost 10 years earlier.

Bill McDougall - Recent Blog Post

  • Beach recovery two rings (2018)

    Received a text from John regarding three rings lost on a beach one hour south of me.  Definitely out of my area but another ringfinder who was unable to do the search recommended me .My first thoughts were of a storm off shore which were going to give the coast some big wave action and […]

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  • Giant silver ring (2018)

    In February, I believe, a young man contacted me about a lost ring.  He found my information on ringfinders. He lost the ring shoveling snow.  I told him we would have to wait until snow melt this spring.  Today I traveled the 80 miles to him. Once there I was worried that I was too […]

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Bill McDougall - Testimonials

  • My wife has referred to Bill as a "magical stranger." We are grateful. (2018)


    Not all jewels that wander are lost, thanks to Bill McDougall. Bill came to my aid at Lincolnville Beach on the morning of July 11 where some 15 hours earlier my wife lost her rings -- engagement, wedding, and anniversary -- after taking them off and tucking them in the fold of her skirt to put sunscreen on our nine month old daughter.

    My wife and I pawed at the sand for hours after we realized the rings were gone. But turning up little more than seaweed, I returned the next morning with shovels, rakes, tarps, and screens for sifting, hoping without hope that an archeological approach would turn something up.

    But I also messaged Bill McDougall, at Ring Finder Sean Kelly's recommendation. Bill promptly returned my call and after only a few words of explanation from me -- "lost", "rings", "wife", "inconsolable" -- was on his way.

    He found the rings in a matter of minutes, digging each one up with a single quick scoop after hearing what he needed to hear from his metal detector. And all was well with the world.

    My wife has referred to Bill as a "magical stranger." We are grateful.

    Thank you, Bill.