Garland Maine ring lost for 5 years found

I was recently contacted by Justin about a ring lost a “couple years”ago. I told him I would be happy to help him out.I took the couple years to be two and felt it would be a fairly easy recovery.  Once on site I started the questioning of how it was lost.  He was in the passenger seat with the wife having a” discussion”. The ring came off and was” tossed “out the window. The exact spot in the driveway was unclear. Time passed and memory. The first day I spent two hours and covered what I could. The terrain was hostile to say the least. previous home owners had a lot of burns. The soils were full of miscellaneous metals. Even large sheets 4x6pieces of sheet metal half buried.. No easy recovery for sure.

On the second day, I focused on where the vehicle may have been. Justin and I tossed small stones as though being “tossed” out a vehicle window. Turns out, most of the throws ended more behind and to the side of the vehicle. I searched a second time, pulling all solid signals out. Still no luck. After two hours, I was calling it a day. Justin mentioned he had raked while searching for this ring and burned the leaves. I decided to check charred areas one more time. Still no luck, having decided to call it quits until more cleanup could occur. While walking back to my truck, swinging the detector, I got a solid signal at the base of a large tree. Not the number I was looking for, yet dug it anyway. A large piece of aluminum foil AND a second signal, FINALLY the RING!

After the happy reunion with his ring, Justin stated that ring was “tossed” in 2018…. a “couple of years” turned out to be 5!




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  1. Justin Bullock says:

    Bill is determined and diligent. Excellent communication and an all around nice guy. I would highly recommend his service.

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