lost ring in woods found and returned Milo maine

After seeing a facebook article about a ring return I did, a man contacted me about a ring lost in the woods. On youth day last year a father and son were at his camp hunting. The young man was successful .They dragged the deer to a four wheeler trail. the father removed his ring giving it to the young man so the father could dress the deer. They placed the deer on the four wheeler and returned to camp.When the father asked for his ring they realized it was last seen on the fender of the four wheeler. The camp owner rented a metal detector but it just keep beeping at him!!!   I made my way to the camp and to where the deer had been loaded on to the four wheeler. Working on one side of the road I started recovering surface targets.  I expected to find it within a few feet but it managed to stay on the fender for about 70 yards.I recovered it next to three shell casings. I happen to pick the correct side of the road .  Today I returned the ring to the camp owner who had contacted me. I understand a father is in for quite a surprise tonight.     Bill

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