lost ring brewer maine found and returned

.This afternoon a gentleman called about a ring he lost four days ago. He lost it in a really huge field on his daily walk after work.  He had placed his ring in his pocket and later on the walk placed his shirt in the same pocket.  He was pretty sure the ring came out when he removed his shirt.  The story sounded logical .  We walked about a mile out into this field to an area where he usually puts his shirt back on. He was uncertain exactly where but somewhere within 50 square yards!! I detected and keep talking to him about that day .  He seemed more uncertain as time went by. I told him that was normal . He wasn’t expecting someone to grill him over all the details of his relaxing walk. We moved on back out to another area he frequently replaced his shirt, again no ring. He thought it was useless being such a huge area and I said lets just work our way out kinda slow .  At one spot he starts to go through a real wet area. I said wouldn’t you have gone up around the corner.  He said maybe and headed for the corner.  I keep right behind him swinging like crazy.  thirty yards further and I see the circle of gold.  I placed my foot over it and said “Hey come back here for a sec.” He came back and I said this this what a gold ring sounds like as I swung the coil over my foot.  I don’t think he realized what was happening as I moved my foot and passed the coil over the ring. He just stared at his ring .It seemed like a long time but I am sure it was just a few seconds before he finally he picked it up.  He was just speechless.  I’m smiling like crazy and he gives me a bear hug!!!!!All the way back he kept saying he just couldn’t believe it.   I am a little surprised as well .I guess the ring must have been caught in the shirt somehow.  Lady luck was with me for certain tonight..   Bill

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