lost ring Brewer Maine found and returned


Early in February I was told that a woman posted on Craiglist that she had lost her wedding rings.  The ad stated she lost her rings of 44 years in an earlier snowstorm at one of five local store parking lots. I reached out to the woman through craiglist and said I was a ringfinder, she could check me out at ringfinders.com and if she could show me where she was parked on these five huge lots (one was a walmart and the others were grocery stores) perhaps in the spring I could find her ring. I needed this information to determine where the snow from these areas was plowed. She answered that she only remembered one store where she was parked.  I already knew where this store moved all their snow …across the street after every storm. Through the next four or five weeks I kinda kept a eye on the piles of snow as they grew larger and larger. We’ve had a lot of snow this year! Around the first week of march some of the snow melting started. Three times I drove to all five locations and walked around all the piles of snow. The wife and and doctor say walking is good for everything, so I walk. Now I find myself walking around parking lots. Near the first of April my wife and I were on a walk and going around one of the parking lots,  we made a competition out of it, to see who could find the most coins.   You can guess who always found the most. I am concentrating on finding pennies when …..    there was a ring!! I was real surprised. As soon as I got home I reached out to this lady through craiglist and received a message that the ad had expired! The next couple days I searched every lost and found I could imagine. I placed an ad in craiglist searching for the person who lost a ring this past winter. Another week goes by and nothing. I checked with the service desks in three of the stores, the police department in the town where four of the stores are located and nothing. Finally last Saturday I check  with the police department in the town  the last store was located in.  They were closed, only an emergency phone available. Monday, late in the afternoon, I stopped again . I repeated my story, for what seemed to be the tenth time, to two ladies behind the bullet proof window. One instantly lights up and started looking through index cards . She remembered the lady !!!!.  She found the card, took my information and said she would give it to the lady.  Finally yesterday I got the call! We meet in the lot where the ring was found and I returned it.  The woman and her husband had thought the rings were gone for good.  They had contacted all the stores and reported it lost, as well as filling out an incident report with two police departments. So, I guess so much time had passed that all their reports were lost except for one!  The couple were very happy for sure! Her smile says it all!!











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  1. Cindy says:

    You’re awesome! This story made my long morning bus commute happy. Glad you care and have the skills and equipment to help. Blessings to you and your family.

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