lost ring Bangor Maine found and returned

One week ago a lady reached out to me for help finding her husband’s ring. Prior to calling me, she had posted on Facebook requesting help and had a map of where she thought it might have been lost. She sent me the Facebook link that included three streets highlighted.  I replied that I would be glad to help, however, more information would be helpful.  What was happening on that day?  Riding a bike? jogging? driving?   While waiting for her reply, I walked the sidewalks of the highlighted streets. The next day the husband called. He stated he had been moving from one house to another 1.7 miles away. He had removed his ring and placed it on the right fender of his truck. I went to the house and there was a small loam area that had been raked and searched as well as a circular stone drive way. I detected all of that and then went onto the street. I covered the area on the right shoulder of the ‘highlighted streets”. I estimated it to be half a mile.   The next day I searched the yard for a second time. I called the husband and went over the time line again. I learned the truck was at the second house. This is where  he first noticed he was missing the ring was .  I also walked the shoulder of the street about a mile .  On the third day I went to the second house and searched the truck with no luck.  Finally, I said I am going to walk back so I have at least covered the whole route. Just a little distance from the second house there was the ring sitting real close to a storm drain.  It had traveled 1.6 mile on the fender of the truck!!!!  A few days later I was able to drop it off at their office. I never got to meet them but I am sure they were happy to get the ring back. It did suffer some damage while in the wild.  I think it must have been run over at least twice.    Bill

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