Giant silver ring

  • from Brewer (Maine, United States)

In February, I believe, a young man contacted me about a lost ring.  He found my information on ringfinders. He lost the ring shoveling snow.  I told him we would have to wait until snow melt this spring.  Today I traveled the 80 miles to him. Once there I was worried that I was too soon. He lived in an apartment complex with lots of parking and parking lot.  There were still snow piles of three feet or more. I thought I might as well do everything I could now and may have to come back later. The young man “Will” stayed with me the whole time moving trash and debris out of the way as I uncovered it.  Will stated that his ring was large like two ounces of silver.  I mentioned that was like eight quarters worth of silver and he said yes that big….  I took eight quarters and put then on the ground and the deus would overload passing over them, raising it showed a 98 on the screen.    Two and a half hours into the hunt with 95 percent of the available ground covered ,I was planning my next trip. One more spot behind a dumpster. On my final pass I saw the round outline just as the coil passed over it . It overloaded . I scoped it into my hand and stopped ..I said that ‘s it I ‘m done.  I knelt down and started shutting the machine down. I said “Know why I am stopping?”  Will said “because your batteries are dead?” and I said “No because of this,” as I opened my hand. The surprise look is always great . It is a huge ring .  Here are the pics .   Bill

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  1. Elwyn Davis says:

    Hey Bill

    This looks like a great thing for you to do in your retirement.

    Pat Davis (retired from F.W.Webb)

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