The man with the metal detector from Brazil


I live within a 40 minute ride from the beaches of Leme, Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon, which are all on the same shoreline.  The beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Pontal, Prainha and Grumari are to the opposite side from where I live  and a little bit closer.

I have always lived close to the beach. I have 2 passions which are Surfing and Metal Detecting. I have been surfing since 1974 and metal detecting for at least a year and it has immediately become an addiction.  I have been metal detecting mostly between the beaches of Barra and Recreio where it usually gets less crowded.

The interesting thing is that the Hobby of metal detecting here in Rio de Janeiro is absolutely non existent. Most of the people do not know what a metal detector is. It is kind of funny people approaching and asking: “Sorry to bother you but……. Can you tell me what you are doing? Are you looking for something?”

On Monday, Carnival time, I went on a RING SEARCH.  A guy called me just after lunch and he wanted details about my ring search service. Well, everything settled, I met him at LEBLON beach…… is a very famous beach that comes just after Copacabana and Ipanema……about 40 minutes drive from where I live. When I got there and met him he told me he could not pinpoint the exact location and he showed me what he thought his ring could be. I’d say it was a ten meter square piece of sand.  However, it is summer here and the beach was VERY crowded, and I thought to myself: Wow…. That’s gonna be tough……very hot sun, lots of people around…. After  searching for about an hour, the guy was already tired of watching me searching………..found all the usual trash, including lots of coins…not bad…. and he was ready to give up the search. I told him to have more patience and went on……..suddenly I found a very beautiful wedding band……white gold….big and beautiful. I asked him: Is this your band? His reaction was indescribable………he didn’t know what to do to show how grateful he was…..It was  pure pleasure to see his joy. We had settled for R$60,00 and he gave me R$90,00. He said I made him  and his wife VERY happy that day.

The interesting thing about that particular search is how people are willing to help. I mean, most of the people around the place where I was searching offered to move towels, chairs, umbrellas,  etc. so I could pass the metal detector where they were. Really nice and warm folks.

I would also like to say that I am very happy to take part in Chris Turner’s team of Ring Finders . I love my job!

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  1. Alisha says:

    hey! Can you just use a metal detector on the beach in Brazil ? Because I’m from Europe and we got laws against that in several countries. So you could go to Spain and look on a crowded beach.. but its against the law so if you’re having bad luck, the police will arrest you. I’m from Belgium where you can go look in the fields and beaches, but some historic cities are forbidden (war munition and archeological stuff..).

    1. Augusto says:

      Sorry for being so late answering your email. There is no problem whatsoever in detecting here in our beaches. One of my biggest dreams is to detect in Ypres in the trenches of WW1, but, as you say, it must be forbidden. Do you also detect? Do you have anything from WW1?

      1. Alisha says:

        haha.. I just worry about getting my detector in the luggage and still having it when I come back 🙂 and also, getting up early in the morning to go look at a beach.. I hope I can manage to find my way there. It’s in Buzios.
        I don’t look for war items (i only went to look a couple of times on a field and I only have a few coins), but I know people who do. They find buttons and sometimes dangerous munition. Basically, detecting IS forbidden in Belgium. But everyone does it and I don’t know anyone who ever got a fine for it. It’s a bit of a compromis, as long as you Ask the owner of the land and yata.. .

  2. Augusto says:

    Glad to know you liked so much.

  3. Augusto says:

    My friend. I couldn’t find the location you are talking about.

  4. Augusto says:

    What are you talking about, my friend?

  5. jaybo says:

    So generally speaking, what are the metal detecting laws in brazil? can someone from another country just come in and metal detect where they like? (not on private land obviously).

    1. Augusto says:

      Hey Jaybo,
      We have absolutely NO laws concerning metal detecting here in Brazil. Actually, metal detecting as hobby is totally unknown here. Everytime I go metal detecting at the beach, there are always people who come up to me to ask what I am doing. So, it makes no difference if you are from another country or not, nobody will ask you for a permit or whatever. But for sure, you will have people come and ask what on earth you might be doing.

  6. Augusto says:

    Que legal falar com alguém daqui do Brasil que também curte metal detecting e coisas antigas. Eu te aconselharia a comprar um detector à prova dágua pois ele funciona bem tanto no seco quanto na água, caso vc fosse à praia um dia e o levasse. A parte onde vc vai encontrar mais ítens de valor na praia é na arrebentação, claro, quando não estiver quebrando forte. Um bom detector é o Sand Shark da Tesoro…. preço justo e muito bom. Acho uma boa idéia detectar em campos de batalha mas…….onde? Aqui no Rio de Janeiro, e acredito que em São Paulo também todos os possíveis sítios ja tenham sido ocupados por prédios e ruas. Um outro bom lugar para detectar também é em antigas fazendas do século dezenove. Naquela época eles não confiavam em bancos, e às vezes, nem na própria família e muita gente enterrou seus pertences mais valiosos e por alguma razão não voltou para resgatá-los…..ainda lá se encontram esperando por alguém com um detector de metais. Me manda mais notícias quando se decidir.

  7. bill thomas says:

    augusto –my name is bill. i was in sao paulo in 1974, i was there when there was a fire tn a high rise. i was in plse contact me. i would like to come down there to huntrio also on a job.i was there 4 2 mths. i really enjoyed myself. do they still have pinga’ in the small bars? plse contact me as i would possibly come down there to hunt with u or your friends. bill 1 (630) – 272-0913 any time. i hunt. should have come down 4 the minelab hunt this year. email or call cst. time

    1. Augusto says:

      Hello Bill,
      I was taking a look at past posts and I ran into your message. Are you still thinking about coming to Rio to detect? I sure would be pleased to show you the beaches to detect here and also have a couple of caipirinhas.

  8. Glenn says:

    I could use some help finding a metal detector here in Macae

    1. Augusto says:

      Hello Glen. Are you here in Brazil or are you coming? Where do you come from?

      1. Glenn says:

        I’m in Macae, I’m from Texas
        Have been trying to locate and purchase detector here in Macaé with no success. All help will be more than welcome!
        Thanks Glenn

  9. Augusto says:

    Oh, really?
    I’m on the same situation. My metal detector isn’t working properly and I am trying to buy one abroad but they won’t ship to Brazil. Don’t you have someone in Texas to send a couple (one for me) metal detectors to Brazil?

    1. Glenn says:

      Might could see if I could have shipped here.

      1. Glenn says:

        Cost to much to ship from Texas

    2. Edward says:

      Hey Augusto, I am an American. The reason I am saying this is that my wife is Brazilian, and we have live in Recife, Pernambuco off and on for four years. I have made my home in Tamandare, Pernambuco (North East). I have purchased a Fisher 44 and I truly love it. Wish you guys could hunt with me. It’s really warm and beautiful beaches here year around.
      Okay, it is Dec 1, 2016 and I will be leaving to live in Recife on December 1, 2016. I will be returning to Orlando, Florida in February 2016 for a business trip.
      If you are in need of a metal detector please let me know. Thank you. Edward rivera

  10. Peter says:

    I will be metal detecting in Brazil, Enseada beach, SC next month… cheers.

  11. Peter says:

    P.S. Im from Canada.

    1. Augusto says:

      Hello Peter,
      I am from Rio de Janeiro, which is quite far from Santa Catarina (SC), but if you come to Rio, just let me know and we can detect some good beaches here.

      1. Peter says:

        Hi Augusto, yes, santa catarina is a it far away, Im counting the days…kkkkkkk cheers.

  12. David Grant says:

    Hi everyone,im currently living in Rio De Janeiro…Next month i head back to the UK and will buy a minelab gold hunter detector…Should be back in Rio for around september,so if anyones interested in meeting up and detecting together give me a shout….I currently live in the north zone …..Cheers ….Dave

    1. Hello David. I also live in Rio de Janeiro and I would like to detect with you at a beach here . See you.

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