Lost Class Ring Found!! Farmington High 1971

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I got a ring call the other day that was interesting.  Another one of those “she threw it out the window” stories.  They were driving down Shiawassee road in Farmington.  Just kids, and they would not agree to let me photograph or blog.  I found the ring, his mothers previously, without too much trouble.  While I was searching I came up with a second ring, a 1971 Farmington High class ring.

I almost had a coronary because I graduated from Farmington High more than 50 years ago.  I lost my 1971 class ring in the student parking lot a few months before graduation.  I could almost see that parking lot from the spot I found this ring.  Wrong initials, sadly, it is not my ring.

I have a few guesses as to who lost it from my 1971 yearbook; but I cant be sure because there are no middle initials in the yearbook.  Both my brother and I graduated from Farmington High in 1971 and neither one of us received any mention anywhere in the yearbook, so there may be a few more candidates than the three I have so far isolated.

There is a class reunion this September, stay tuned while I attempt to find the ring owner.

I posted a quick recovery video on YouTube  https://youtu.be/wulmhXtBi6U

Lost class ring from 1971

Close up Farmington High 1971 Class Ring

Almost perfect after decades? in the dirt.


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  2. Dan Beale says:

    Gregg this get even better – I located the owner. This ring was lost 50 years ago!!!

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