Lost ring recovered from snow in Livonia Michigan

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

Hi Friends

I got a call last night from Will who lost his wedding band in a snow storm, while looking for a new home.

Will is a local realtor who has shown many houses; but this one he was showing to his wife because they need a new home.   Sadly Will slipped on the road walking up and cut his hand.  Somehow in the confusion he lost his ring.  He thought he had it secure in his pocket and assumed it was really lost in the car.

We started our search at his front door and worked the space between the car and the door.  Will spent hours searching the car so we ruled that out.  I was eager to see the spot where Will fell in front of the house so with Will in the lead we drove to the seen of the fall.  As Will was recreating the the fall he looked down and spotted the ring.  What a happy ending

You can see it here in cold storage

This really makes my day.

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