1971 Farmington High Class Ring Lost 51 Years Returned to Owner

  • from Wixom (Michigan, United States)

It is not that huge a feat to find a lost ring.  I becomes much easier if the person who lost the ring can point to an approximate spot they think they lost it.  Finding a ring with just dumb luck is easy too.  I have handfuls of rings I have recovered in my travels from schools, ball diamonds, parks, and beaches.  Finding a ring and then locating the owner is almost an impossibility.  I have only done it one other time.

George lost his ring playing baseball.  He and his friends looked up and down and could not locate the ring.  Fifty one years later on a different ring call, I found George’s long lost ring.

Lost class ring from 1971

Close up Farmington High 1971 Class Ring

To find George I joined face book.  Our graduating class is working on a reunion and I was sure someone would know the owner.  Our yearbook does not show middle initials; but George quickly surfaced as a candidate and soon after that we were talking on the phone.

The happy owner is reunited with his ring

Ring returned to owner after 51 years!!

George and I are actually classmates, we both graduated from Farmington High School  (Farmington Michigan) in 1971.  I knew George’s name and that he had a cool car; but we never socialized.  I wish we had talked years earlier.


If you have lost something dear and think you know where it might be,  I would love to help you recover it.  Even long lost, as George found out, is only a temporary condition if you know where to start looking.

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