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Lost wedding ring in Provo, Utah: found

Josh was playing in the snow at a small park when he noticed that his wedding ring was gone. He tried looking for the ring by moving the snow around, but it’s really hard to find a ring that way; often it just sinks lower in the snow, or it gets stepped on and pushed into the roots of the grass. Then, he did an online search for “metal detector rental in Provo”, and found, so he gave me a call. I was able to stop by that night after work. It took me longer to get ready, putting on my boots, snow pants, knee pads, tool pouch, coats, gloves, and scarf, than it did to find the ring. Fortunately, he had only been in a small area in the park, and we could see his footprints clearly. After just 3 or 4 minutes of searching, I found the ring!