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Lost Platinum Wedding Band … Encinitas, Calif. … Found in the Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Sunday,  April 13, 2014

Dave called me Sunday evening about 7pm. He had lost his platinum wedding band in the sand at a beach in Encinitas, Calif.  I told him that I could meet him in one hour depending on traffic.  When I met him it was dark, that’s not a problem because I have a head lamp and several flashlights. Dave was with his son, Jake and as we walked to the beach Dave told me how he lost his ring.  As Dave and his family were leaving the beach he picked up his towel and brushed off some sand with his hand. The ring slipped off into the sand. The whole family searched through the sand with no success.  After returning to their vacation condo they, googled metal detector and my name came as member of TheRingFinders. These can be very easy searches, but strange things happen so I try not to be over confident.. The most important factor that helped me find this ring was that Dave marked the location. My CTX 3030 made short work of finding this platinum ring before the high tide could move the sand around..  It was a pleasure to meet Dave and his son Jake.  I hope Dave, Jake and the rest of the family enjoy their vacation on a beautiful California beach before returning to Las Vegas.


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