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Oceanside San Diego Metal detector finds lost gold ring

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TheRingFinders Metal Detector Service helped find a lost gold ring in the surf at Oceanside pier OPEN NOW;CALL 760 889 2751

On Sunday 8/11/19 I was referred an emergency ((911 Ring Finders call)) about a wedding ring just lost in the surf from a Local Ring Finder member John Hughes who was out on vacation.

I contacted the couple right away who informed me the ring was just lost 20min ago in waist deep water at Oceanside beach so I was immediately on my way….

(Timing is of the essence here as the tide levels rise and fall depending on the gravitational pull of the moon and sun.)

….Upon arriving to the scene of the lost ring,I met Rob and his wife then we both headed in the Pacific ocean where he felt the ring fall off.Initially,I had hopes of quickly finding it for them but as I was waist-chest deep while duck diving under waves in the Surfline,It was obviously a shot in the dark after an hour long search.I knew this precious ring meant a lot to them and insured them there is a better chance of recovery at 2:00am during the minus low tide the next morning where it could be only ankle-shin deep then.

It’s not easy when your alarm goes off at 1:15am However,the will & fortitude from within had me on the beach right at 2am …some how with just a half cup of coffee.After an hour of searching and expanding this small wet-line area again I was burning out with zero coffee left! 3:00am in the morning now and it’s dead low tide so I decided to scan the knee-waist deep area where the shore-break was crashing…Finally recieved a familiar ring sound on my water proof Pulse induction metal detector.,,Heart is pounding as I wait nearly a minute in between the surfs lapping intervals then plucked one precise scoop at it then out pops a heavy 18k White Gold Ring!

The best part of these kind of stories is being able to text them a picture of their lost ring the next morning:) Especially as I headed off too work on a Monday with my phone blowing up with relief and good karma.They were definitely very thankful I could help them find what may of been lost forever.


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