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Property corner marker found in Show Low

  • from Phoenix (Arizona, United States)







It’s not just jewelry and rings that need finding sometimes.  A man called me because he could not find the fourth property corner on a property he just recently purchased.  he sent me the information and I went to work.   Instead of searching randomly in the general area where it was supposed to be, I instead took the subdivision play map and looked for existing corners.  I found the one on his property on the northeast side (I was looking for southeast side) and I found the one on the southeast side of the adjacent property.  Then, I found one across the street which was close to the one I was searching for since these are all five acre parcels.  I triangulated the three pins to find where this specific market should have been.  I marked that spot, and then I finally took my detector from the truck.  I received a hit about 4 inches away from my marked spot.  Dug three inches, and there was the surveyor’s cap on the rebar showing exactly what we were looking for.  The project was done, and my client saved over $1,000 from what a surveyor wanted to charge him for the service of finding that missing pin.  Grnted, if the pin was missing he would still have needed the surveyor, but since we found it we marked it with tape, dug it out from the hole it was in, and he is another very happy client.   Corners need found too!  And metal detectors work wonders if they are still in place but buried.  🙂

Lost Rings found in Phoenix

  • from Phoenix (Arizona, United States)

Another successful search.  A woman was bagging leaves and lost two Sapphire rings while doing it. There were numerous large bags and it was a daunting task for her to go through them looking for these rings.  So she called me.   We took all the bags and laid them out as flat as possible.  We then searched, and of course received a wonderful signal from the middle of one bag.  We emptied the bag, again found a signal, and reached into the leaves.  the first ring came out.  the second ring was only 6 inches away.  Both rings found, both in one bag, and A very happy client.