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Ocean beach San Diego lost ring found with metal detector

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The ring finders metal detector service helped find a lost Wedding ring at Ocean beach in San Diego. Call or text Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

   Here’s another story I’d like to share of a recovered lost ring recently in Ocean beach San Diego California. Some of these calls I go on searching for can be located in just minutes,Hours, Or worst case scenario..Even days of scanning around with metal detector equipment. However this search was none of the above^.

  March 27th, 2022. 0116 hrs

    I was out scanning the beach with my metal detector searching for a lost mens ring at wind and sea cove in La Jolla San Diego when my phone rang towards the very end. This happened to be a gentleman who’d lost his precious wedding band nearby a short time earlier somewhere in S.D and was asking for my help to recover it?  Fortunately I happened to be only 20min away and was able to meet him soon after I finished up that first call.

Upon arriving on to the sand with my gear there I saw 2 hobbyists with metal detectors scouring around and about this large crowded beach but not yet the owner who called. Shortly then after via text,,We spotted each other then quickly walked over to where him and his family were enjoying this springtime San Diego beach weather. After mutual questions and concerns there was 3 probable areas where it could of disappeared…

#1 Too and from the parking lot in the dry sand approximately 1/8 mile one way during traveling or unloading..possibly?

#2 Playing frisbee along a basketball court sized area..However he’s right handed & should conclude that it couldn’t have been lost during the throw??

#3 He mentioned sand bags were filled up to hold down the tent at their spot along the way ???   What I asked?  Turns out,,Something was finally invented to replace metal tent stakes that litter our public beaches and cause injuries to others when left in the sand…Good grief I thought!

So I gambled on the circumstances that lays ahead and chose to scan the tent sand bags on each corner when immediately, All of a sudden,,Roughly 30 seconds around the first of four tent sand bags…BINGO there it was:)…

Too quick I can call it!

Good Karma & good timing was definitely favorable on our sides though I will admit. The sooner we are called,The better the chance. #1

This is a thrilling adventure I get when emotions are high after finding irreplaceable sentimental items that could never be replaced to its fullest. After many years of doing this for others it has not gotten a minute old.

Thank you for the generous reward.Every penny helps me help others who are in need of my service.


Surfer Buries Stuff: Lost Wallet & iPhone: Successful Metal Detecting on Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California 94122

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

It was a perfect day for surfing at San Francisco’s magnificent Ocean Beach. Kyle took the tram from his home in The Castro right to the beach at Judah Ave and the Great Highway. He was eager to hit the big leftbreak with his pal Max. He placed his wallet and iPhone in a sandwich bag and hastily buried them in the wet sand. An hour later, they emerged from the surf, happy and tired. Kyle went to unbury his stuff and could not, on the massive sandy expanse that is Ocean Beach, locate where he had hidden it. After 30 minutes of searching, his surf buddy Max Googled, “metal detecting Ocean Beach” and up popped one of my blog links with my phone number. 30 minutes later I arrived with my gear to find that Kyle and Max had already completed a very large matrix search by dragging their feet in the sand.

As I always, I begin a search by asking the owner, “if you were to guess exactly where you think it might be, lets mark the spot”. Max and Kyle indicated it was probably located between a wet and dry sand stick marker and a pile of dog poop diagonally down by the rising tide. Within that large rectangle, which they had already searched with their feet, Kyle circumscribed a 60 foot diameter circle with his feet in the sand where he thought was the best chance of locating his gear. I began my own matrix search inside Kyle’s circle and after 25 minutes, I got huge titanium hit from Kyle’s iPhone just inside his circle, but just outside where they had searched with their feet, closest to the rising tide.

A very relieved Kyle with his wallet and phone, and was soon back in the water to catch another set.

Kyle’s iPhone.


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Lost Wedding Band Recovered on Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California 94122

  • from Portland (Oregon, United States)

It was a beautiful day at Ocean Beach. Danny was surfing. When got out of the water, and he went to shake his towel, his wedding ring went flying on the beach!

Moments later, my regional ringfinder buddy, Dave Millman, received the following urgent text:

Hi Dave,

I lost my gold men’s wedding band at Ocean Beach today, around 3pm. The ring has lower-case initials engraved inside: “ala + dgj”

My location at the time of loss is below. I did not go far from this spot – I believe the ring fell from my bag either at this spot or in between it and the grassy embankment directly east of here.

Please let me know if you are able to help.  -Danny
Dave Responded:
        I’m sorry you lost your ring. Unfortunately, I’m on vacation right now. However, Marshall Smith            at lives in San Francisco and can probably help                you quickly.
        Good luck!  -Dave

One hour later, I was on Ocean Beach with my gear. Conditions, sunny, 59f degrees , wind gusting onshore 10-20 mph.

Danny met me on the beach with his wife Alex. Danny showed me when he thought he lost his ring. I stuck my shovel in the sand and began a circular search pattern around that point.

On my fourth circle I found Danny’s wedding band. It was buried about 2 inches in the loose sand.

They were stunned when I found it.  The beautiful inscription, “ala + dgj”, left no doubt that this ring belonged to Danny.


Another happy outcome ….. so fun to help out.

The sooner you call the better our chances of recovering your ring!


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