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Metal Detecting Lost Diamond Stud Earring… Found on Brookeville, Maryland Horse Farm

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Claire’s Most Beautiful 1.33 Carat Diamond Stud Earring Recovered by Member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph on Brookeville, Maryland Horse Farm

Claire and Her Friend Celebrate the Successful Return of the Lost 14 Karat White Gold 1.33 Carat Diamond Stud Earring that Metal Detectorist Brian Rudolph Recovered

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I received a call from a woman named Claire who lost her 14 karat white gold 1.33 carat diamond stud earring that she received many years earlier from her husband as a 25th wedding anniversary. She was playing with her little granddaughter at a horse farm located in Brookeville, Maryland. During her visit to her friend’s equestrian property, Claire took some time to entertain her granddaughter by rolling down a hill in one of the fenced in pens. There was a lot of grass and it was the perfect spot to have some fun with the little one. Just as she was rolling down one particular area of the hill, Claire and her granddaughter had some kind of collision or had brushed into each in some way. She didn’t think much of it until a little bit later on, just as Claire was about to leave that section of the property, she realized that her earring was no longer on her earlobe. She was quite upset about the loss of such a sentimental gift from her husband that had represented a quarter of a century of bliss between the two of them. She wanted so very badly to get this priceless jewel back on her ear.

Upon recounting Claire’s time playing on that hill she believed that she may had lost her stud earring at the time of impact with her granddaughter. Claire marked that spot and her husband would end up renting a metal detector to attempt a recovery of the white gold diamond stud.

Believe it or not, after a long time of searching in the area that Claire had marked as the most potential spot where the earring may had come off of her, Claire’s husband was able to find the white gold backing that belonged to the earring. Just finding that one piece was a tremendous victory thus far because they could now confirm at least one location as to where the 1.33 carat diamond could have ended up. Claire’s spouse was so encouraged by his ability to find the backing that he continued to search for the jewel for at least a couple of more hours. Unfortunately, his continued efforts led to no avail. Eventually, he had to return the metal detector to the rental shop and Claire was extremely disappointed that they could not recover the lost keepsake.

When Claire contacted me, she explained that she diligently searched online for some type of answer to her problem regarding the lost earring. She wasn’t about to give up, and the moment she saw online an article about the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. After reading some testimonials about some of my successful recoveries, she felt some hope of light at the end of that dark disappointing tunnel. The exciting part was that through the directory she was able to find me, Brian Rudolph, a metal detecting specialist who serves the Brookeville, Maryland area. Though Claire and her husband lived in Washington DC, she asked if I could meet her out on the horse farm to help the couple with the recovery of her 25th anniversary gift. I told her I was more than happy to attempt a search and recovery of the stud earring. I explained to her that I have certain techniques that I use to be quite successful with being able to return such small pieces of metal back to their rightful owners! She was thrilled to hear that I had such experience and couldn’t wait to meet me out on the horse farm the following day.

When I first arrived at the equestrian estate, I met up with the owner of the property and then Claire soon arrived shortly after. I began asking my client all kinds of questions regarding the possibility that perhaps she could have lost the earring somewhere else other than the place where the backing had been found. There are many instances where the backing comes off but the earring stays on the lobe for a much longer duration of time. Then, in that particular situation, it becomes nearly impossible to isolate the area where the stud dropped to the ground. The positive thing about this particular story was that Claire realized that the stud earring was missing from her ear sometime before she left that particular pen. This greatly encouraged me that her chances were much better at recovering the item knowing that I could simply grid search just that section of grass where she was playing with her granddaughter!

As we walked into the fenced in area where the earring disappeared, Claire gave me specific details as to where she was rolling down the hill with her beloved family member. There was a metal stake that was put in the ground exactly where the backing was discovered and so I had a very good reference point as to where the collision took place that may had caused the stud to fall out close by to where the backing was found.

Once I gathered up all of the facts that I needed, I returned to my car to retrieve some grid line cones along with my metal detector and other gear that would be necessary to utilize in my attempt to recover the earring. The first step that I took in this investigation that I was dealing with was to use my metal detector to scan over the basic section of territory where the backing was discovered. The reason that Claire’s husband was able to detect the backing was because there was more gold on that piece of the earring than what was on the stud setting itself. This is very common because the backing has more solid mass than the earring which has just the post and the cage holding the diamond.

During my time of scanning the grass in just the area where it was most likely that the earring fell off of Claire’s ear, I did not get any signals indicating that a small piece of metal was hiding in that region. Earlier on (as I failed to convey in this article) I tested Claire’s other diamond earring that matched the one that was missing just so I knew if it was possible to detect the one that was in the grass. A lot of times there is so little metal on the cage that it becomes impossible to pick up the jewel with even the finest of machines. In this particular case, there was enough white gold for me to effectively find the earring, but it all depended upon the angle in which it was lying, and whether or not it was pushed down into the dirt at the time of the initial first search.

After analyzing a good portion of property around the area where the backing was found I decided to put my detector aside for a while as I planned to get down on my hands and knees and begin searching the very spot where the backing was found with my handheld detector. This small device is called a pinpointer because it zeros-in on small to large targets when placed very close to where the metallic object is located. Once I removed the stake that marked where the backing was found, my hope was that the pinpointer would pick up the stud earring if I moved the device slowly and methodically against the ground until it hopefully would hit the white gold setting of the earring. To my biggest surprise, moments after I began this particular technique, the handheld detector sounded off and vibrated as I moved it over something that was made out of a small piece of metal! Once I identified the exact place where the hidden object rested below the many blades of grass before me, I began clearing the plant life so that I could eyeball what exactly I had picked up on my device. Just then, as I finished clearing some more of the grass out of the way, my eyes beheld the most beautiful diamond stud earring! It was right there lying on top of the dirt below all of the surrounding blades of green! I could not believe that I had just found the stud so very quickly! It was such an exhilarating experience because these little pieces of jewelry are not easily recoverable! It was almost surreal what was happening at that moment! Claire was not present when I discovered her anniversary treasure because she had gone inside the main house with her friend to indulge in a cup of coffee. Therefore, I was the only one out there on that lovely equestrian hill carrying within me the exciting secret that Claire would be getting her cherished little treasure back on her ear soon enough! It truly was a thrilling moment in time for me to recover something so small and yet so priceless! After getting up off of the terrain, I left everything just where it all was when I found the earring and then called Claire out to do the great reveal!

I would not be able to describe in this article just how excited and touched Claire was when I surprised her with her beautiful diamond earring! She too could not believe that I was able to recover this item from the lawn! In addition, she was blown away by how quickly I was able to accomplish this task and her gratitude for my services was way off the charts! My elated client could not stop thanking me and applauding my excellent work out there on that little hill! I too applauded the initial work that she and her husband did to mark the location of where the backing was found! I also commended Claire’s husband on his sleuth-filled efforts in finding the first piece of metal. All together it was a successful team effort and I will never forget how special it was to celebrate the return of this very sentimental piece of jewelry with Claire and her friend who owned the horse farm! The three of us had the best time celebrating and enjoying that surreal moment together! I’m pretty sure that with all of the excitement from my successful recovery that day, Claire was quite happy that she found THE RING FINDERS online and reached out to me to help her with this fantastic search project! Once again, another wonderful item recovery is documented into the annals of ring finding stories!


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