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How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow…Bel Air, Maryland

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Alexandra’s Sterling Silver Promise Ring that Tommy Blessed His Love With Just Two Weeks Before the Jewel Was Plowed Away With the Snow 100 Yards Down the Parking Lot!

Alexandra Beyond Excited for the Recovery of Her Beautiful Promise Ring!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young lady named Alexandra who was really upset about the loss of her 925 sterling silver promise ring with CZ diamond stones. She had just received the beautiful “symbol of love“ from her boyfriend Tommy just weeks before the diamond covered band went missing somewhere in Alexandra’s work parking lot.

The story goes like this: Alexandra was employed at a car dealership. On her break, she went outside to the auto service parking lot during the beginning of a winter snowstorm. Alexandra wrote a little love note for her sweetheart in the snow and then took a photo of it so she could text it to her boyfriend Tommy. She returned inside and 10 minutes later she noticed that her ring was no longer on her finger. Immediately, she realized that she must have lost it outside when she was using her finger to write in the snow. Alexandra ran back outside and sadly she saw a snow plow truck hauling a “load of white” down the parking lot and dumping the contents wherever there were empty parking spaces along the way. It returned over and over again to pick up more snow and dispense the new loads as far as a hundred yards away from the main building! Desperately, she searched with faded hope that her friendship ring might still be hidden beneath the ice that remained on the black top. To no avail, Alexandra returned inside of the car dealership office without her sentimental piece of jewelry. Tommy’s girlfriend was crushed.

During the rest of Alexandra’s time at work, she looked online for an answer to her problem regarding how she could possibly recover her cherished lost keepsake. Eventually, she came across the elite international metal detectorist called THE RING FINDERS. After looking up the closest metal detecting service in the Bel Air, Maryland area, Alexandra contacted me, Brian Rudolph. She shared the backstory with me as to what took place and I quickly made plans to visit the search site later that night.

My client was extremely grateful that I was able to come out to the dealership that evening at such short notice. I knew how important it was to scan the lot that night. No one could be sure if the precious jewel was still somewhere in the middle of the parking lot under the snow or if it had already been concealed by feet of ice that was plowed away earlier that day.

As soon as I arrived (around 8:30pm), I met Alexandra and her boyfriend Tommy and then I was immediately shown where the young lady wrote her love note to Tommy in the snow. Then, I retrieved my metal detector and other night gear (including my high linens headlamp) from my vehicle and began the search. I checked out all of the key areas that we had talked about as being prime spots where the ring could have ended up. However, after searching every possible section of the lot, no ring was found except several dropped key rings from the dealership’s service department.

I detected not only the center areas of the black top (which was all covered with snow), but I also searched along the sides of the parking spaces where the plow pushed various “piles of white” into more shallow bunches. Still, I could not find the ring anywhere. Sometime around 11:30pm it was time to call it quits for the night.

I told the couple that it appeared that the ring most likely was pushed farther away into the larger piles of snow which would require some melting, as well as the use of shovels to cut through some of the remaining packed ice. I planned to return for another round of searching in the next week.

Almost every day that followed my initial visit to the dealership, I called Alexandra to get a report on how much snow had melted since the day before. It took longer than we thought for the thawing to really take effect, but after almost a week of waiting, I felt it was time to return to the site and continue the search process. This time around I brought hard core shovels that I use for cutting plugs in the earth when metal detecting buried items. Alexandra and Tommy met up with me once again and this time we began by chopping up as much snow as we could in order for me to metal detect all the way through the solid ice bergs!

I detected every possible location as far away as the very end of the parking lot – over a hundred yards from where Alexandra’s ring presumably slipped off her finger in the frigid outside temperatures. Unfortunately again, the promise ring was still missing in action. After another 3 hours of shoveling, cutting and detecting, there was little left for me to do that day. I would have to return a third time once the giant piles of remaining snow had melted even more.

I assured the couple that it was just a matter of time before the snow would melt enough to either allow for me to detect the final foot or so of snow (there were piles that were up to five feet high) or the ring would finally reveal itself on top of one of the bergs after a couple of warm and sunny days move through the Bel Air area. Since Alexandra worked right near where we hoped the ring was still hiding, I encouraged the young lady to continue visiting the snow piles and carefully look at the top of each mound to see if the jewel might one day peek its beautiful halo out of one of those “natural freezers”.

Well, as it turned out, during the next week, Alexandra would give me continuous updates as to how the snow was melting in three key piles out on the parking lot. I was ready and willing to travel the hour long drive to resume the detecting but the snow was still way too high to make the trip worthwhile. Therefore, I told Alexandra over and over again to continue walking to the piles and carefully inspect to see if the ring made its appearance through all of the ice. Each time she checked there was still nothing positive to report back to me.

After a couple more days had passed, a break in this case finally came to Bel Air! An unusual warm front made its way through Maryland and I knew that with some extreme melting that would soon take place, our chances of eyeballing the ring or successfully detecting the special keepsake was most likely going to happen! And it did!

Look Carefully and You Will See the Ring!

At Last Alexandra’s Lost Promise Ring Reappears from Beneath the Snow Plowed Mountain of Ice!

Early one the morning, just hours before I was going to be making my third trip to the search site, I received a call from Alexandra. She found her precious promise ring! I was beyond elated for her! It turned out that Alexandra did her 100 yard routine walk down to the end of the long dealership’s parking lot to look over the snow plowed piles once again. As she scanned the 3 foot mountain of ice, there it was – Alexandra’s very special love gift from Tommy! She saw it right there on the very top of the icy plateau, so patiently waiting to be discovered!

The young lady was so very excited! Over and over again Alexandra kept saying, “You were right! You were right! I still can’t believe it! Brian, you said to keep giving it time and it will eventually be found! You never thought someone had picked it up, and you really believed it was still buried in one of these huge piles!” I smiled brilliantly on the other end of the phone as I responded with a bashful acknowledgment of thanks to the young ring finder! I was so very happy for her!

The nightmare was finally over! It took nearly 2 weeks to successfully close this case, but it sure was worth waiting for such elation and jubilation from my dear client Alexandra!


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