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Lost Ring Granite Falls NC …….

  • from Granite Falls (North Carolina, United States)

Received a call Friday morn to find a gentleman`s lost wedding ring. Lucky for me the location was 10 minutes from my home. I was available when I received the call so I could

immediately drive to the location. When I arrived the gentleman was outside to meet me. He showed me the approximate location of the lost ring. He and his son was passing football

when the ring came off. He thought the ring was released when he took his arm back to throw the pass. I did a grid search with no luck. I then moved to the location his son was

standing to catch the pass and started a grid. 10 minutes later I located his ring! As always the smile you see when you show him the ring is worth it all. He said he did not sleep well

the night before due to losing the ring which had been on his finger for 20 years.