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Loat wedding ring found in Panama City Beach, fl

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

Marlee and her family were visiting the beach and they went into the water. She noticed her rings were on so she took them off and was holding on to them while walking back to shore. Unfortunately 1 ring didn’t make it. Fortunately for her she found my number and I was able to recover the ring within minutes in 3 ft of water. Needless to say ahe was very happy and some tears were shed.


Lost wedding ring found in Destin, Fl

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

Anna and her husband were visiting the beach in Destin, fl when she lost her engagement ring and wedding ring in the water. She called me in a panic and I assured her we could recover it. I showed up within 2 hours and after 15 minutes of searching in waist deep water I was able to recover both rings. Needless to say she was very happy. Another successful recovery.