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Lost Ring Pismo Beach Calif.

  • from Pismo Beach (California, United States)

Mark another one up for “The Ring Finders” I had just got in from a rough day at the doctors, you know the kind where they poke, prod and dispense advice you don’t want to hear, I had stopped at the store for a few groceries on the way home, as I was hauling them into the house the phone rang. A young sounding voice asked if I was the guy on “The Ring Finders” from Pismo Beach? ” Yes, what can I do for you?” I answered. He told me he had just got married one day ago and they were on their honeymoon, and while playing in the dry sand he had lost his wedding ring on Pismo Beach about 3 hours earlier.

He rented a cheap metal detector locally, but did not know how to operate it and soon discovered it would not even beep when going over his wife’s wedding ring so he took it back. Dejected, he and his wife went back to their motel room. While wondering what to do he got on line and asked “How to find a lost ring” and “The Ring Finders” came up, clicking on the links he found and called me wanting to know if I could find his lost wedding ring. I got the details and arranged to meet him in 20 minutes at Pismo Beach. Once we were at the area where he was sure the ring was lost I asked him to draw a big circle that he was sure the ring was in, “don’t go little make it bigger than you think it should be” I told him and he did, about 30′ across. Once I started my pattern and had covered half the circle I had a hunch and went out side the circle and after one lap and about 3′ outside the circle I found his ring. Total hunt time a little over 15 minutes and the look on him and his new brides face was priceless when I handed back the ring

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