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Heirloom Gold Cartier Love Ring Lost at the World Famous Wedge, Newport Beach, CA. ..Recovered from the Sand

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




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****  Tyler and Trinity had spent the afternoon at The Wedge on he Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA.  Just before the end of their stay, Trinity lost an heirloom gold ring that had been worn for years by her mother.

Tyler just told me that she had lost the ring in the sand while throwing a ball. He called me at 8:30pm. I told him, if they could stay at the location for another half hour we had a very good chance to recover the ring. He agreed to mark the location and wait till I could meet them.

When I walked out on the beach near one of the lifeguard towers they were not on the beach, so I called his cellphone. Trinity and Tyler had decided to wait in their car as it was windy and cold. Tyler walked out to show me the general location. Trinity stayed in the car and he told me she was very emotional believing the ring was lost forever. It was very sentimental to her because her mother had recently passed away. 

We got to a blanket that marked where Trinity had been standing when the loss occurred. I took the time to explain to Tyler how the metal detector works as I began a grid search. Within the first eight feet I got a great signal thinking it could be a bottle cap. After shaking the sand out of my scoop, I was surprised to see a yellow gold ring at the bottom. It was a 18k gold Cartier Love Ring. This was Trinity’s ring. It was another quick recovery because Trinity and Tyler were able contact me shortly after losing the ring. Also they stayed in the area to get me to the general area. The metal detector did the rest of the job. It was a privilege to be available help this couple find such a sentimental keepsake.

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