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Lost hearing aid in Cedar Hills, Utah: Found

I got a text message from Rod asking if my equipment could find a hearing aid that had been lost in the grass. I have found hearing aids before, so I told him I thought I could. I asked him to meet me at the church where it was lost, and to bring a similar hearing aid so I could hear how it sounded, so I would know what to listen for to find the lost one. Unfortunately, his hearing aids were very small, and my detector would hardly make a peep when passing over the spare he brought. That meant that I could probably not find his lost one. I spent several minutes searching, but finally decided that my equipment just wasn’t sensitive enough to tell the difference between the tiny hearing aid and the random specks of garbage metal spread all over the church lawn. I told Rod that I probably couldn’t find it. I hate giving up, so a spent maybe an hour searching the whole lawn where it might have been lost, methodically going back and forth to search every square inch. As I detect, I keep my eyes on the ground, watching for anything that might be there. I found the tiny hearing aid with my eyes, rather than my detector! As I swung slowly back and forth, there was the hearing aid, hiding in the grass. Rod was happy to have his expensive hearing aid back!