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Lost engagement ring at Octoberfest found

  • from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

Lost ring at Octoberfest

I was contacted by a friend of mine who knows that I metal detect. He was contacted by a girl named Kaylee who had lost her engagement ring at the Lowell Octoberfest. He gave me her number and I made arrangements to meet her at the Lowell island to see if I could find her engagement ring. I met her and her fiancé and she told me that she was certain that she lost it there at the festival but was not sure where. She had walked all through the vendors tables and was also at the food pavilion and in the parking lot. She did not know for sure where she lost it but she was sure it was there somewhere. She showed me all the areas that she had been and she also showed me the keychain necklace that she kept the ring on. She informed me that sometimes it was around her neck and other times it was in her bag. I asked many many questions to try to find the best area to look first. We concentrated on the areas where she took the keychain necklace in and out of her bag. She felt like the most likely place would be where she sat down to eat right before they left and she pulled it out of the bag at that point. They had not taken down the tent that was set up to eat under but they had taken all the picnic tables away, so it was easy swinging the metal detector in that area. Because of all the rain they had thrown down a lot of straw and the grass was kind of high so being able to visually see the ring was not going to happen. After only about 15 minutes of metal detecting, I got the “double tap“ hit I was waiting for! This hunt was one of those that I thought was going to be very long and drawn out over several days to look every where that she had been, but thank the good Lord it was a quick and easy hunt.