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White Gold Engagement Ring Recovered In Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

  • from Terjarv (Finland)

Laura celebrated her 40th birthday with friends and bathed in a hot tub and made snow angels in the snow. Later the same day, Laura noticed that her engagement ring was gone. So next day she tried to search for the ring with a spade and rake.

I spoke with Laura on the phone and told her that I can come to Muhos to search for the ring, she was wery relieved to hear that.I packed my XP Deus and my Pinpointer in the car and started early because i had a three hour journey ahead of me.

I arrived at Laura’s house and she showed me the place where they’ve been bathing, I took my metal detector out of the car and studied the area first, and began to search. It was plus degrees and the snow was really heavy and after a few minutes I got a really good signal, was quite sure it was a gold signal. Started searching with Pinpointer And there was the ring!

Showed Laura the ring and she was really surprised to see the ring and hugged me and Thanked me several times.

afterwards she told me that she had not even been able to tell her husband that she had lost the ring until I called and told her that I could come and search for the ring.

Ring Recovered 17th January 2015



Lauras ring