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Lost Gold Pendant in Surrey, BC…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received a call from a young man who told me that his sister lost a gold emerald and ruby pendant, possibly in their backyard. I set up a time to go meet and look for it when I received a call from a young lady who lost a ring in a public area, which is a high priority search. I recontacted with the young man and asked if he was OK that I come later on in the evening, he was fine with that.

When I arrived at his home he went on to tell me that the pendant was actually his wife’s pendant that she lent it to her sister-in-law to wear on her wedding day. While they were celebrating in the backyard the pendant broke loose of the chain but with all the confetti on the ground, it made it almost impossible for them to find it. They went out at night with flashlights hoping they could see the glitter of the emeralds & rubies.

The young man show me where his sister spent most of the time in the backyard and I knew it would just be a matter of minutes before I would find this beautiful pendant if it indeed was lost there. Ten minutes later I found it, because he did not want to be on my video I had to take a picture of me holding it with my smile. This is just to prove that I found what I was looking for so we can record it for a Book of Smiles.














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