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Engagement Ring Lost in Sand 15 Minutes after the Marriage Proposal ..Newport Ringfinder to the Rescue

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Daniel called Mobile Metal Detecting Service as soon as he realized that he did not know how to use a metal detector, he was about to buy.. Calling Stan .. 949-500-2136 ..  Beach Metal Detecting , a member of TheRingFinders experienced metal detector specialists directory.. 

*** Daniel called me from a sporting goods store. He was purchasing a metal detector to look for a lost engagement ring in the sand at Newport Beach, CA. The sales guy suggested that he contact a professional metal detector guy. 

I was able to meet him and his fiancé, Alyssa on the beach at 9pm, 20 minutes after he ca;led me. The story of the loss was emotional. Daniel had just proposed to Alyssa a half hour before she lost the Platinum Diamond Engagement ring in the sand. It slipped off her finger as she brushed sand from their blanket. 

To say they were both devastated, thinking it was impossible to find such a small item in the sand. I tried to calm them down, by telling them we had a very good chance to find the ring as they had guarded to area and called me promptly.

It was soon after setting up a grid search area that the perfect signal for a platinum ring sounded off in my headphones. I dug gently with my sand scoop, retrieving the beautiful diamond engagement ring. 

They both gave me big hugs and were truly grateful that I was able to rescue their special symbol of love. Smiles were everywhere, even me.

A miracle can happen if you call or text ASAP .. 949-500-2136 .. Stan the Metal Detector Man .. I WILL TRY ANYWHERE.