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The Ringfinders Metal Detector Service has helped find another Lost Ring at a San Diego beach. OPEN NOW.24/7 Call 760 889 2751

I recently received a call from a couple who had lost a wedding band at the beach & asked if I could help search for it?? No problem,I’m on my way,,Be there soon I said. Upon arriving to the scene of the lost ring I dang near found it in less than a minute buried 4-6” deep in the beach sand at the Oceanside pier. The family was very relieved with joy and they actually called me a HERO! Lol..WOW!!!

I’m no Hero,I’m just Capable and available 24/7 to Metal Detect. Fortunately I am more fortunate than most who live east of the 101/5 & 15 Freeway in San Diego.

Plus It’s easy for me to stop what I’m doing at the drop of a hat to detect/help others in need. I not only grew up on this beach,But I live and work here along the San Diego coastline with over 10 yrs of returning lost items.I have spent countless time performing public relations, Advertising,Reccomendations,Social media & Studying Beach geology/Erosion….Etc!

But MOST importantly is spreading the word about The Ring Finders Metal Detector Service that DOES exist and is here to help anywhere in the world!     TheRingfinders.Com # 1

Merry Christmas 🎄 Happy New Years to Chris Turner (CEO) and ALL TRF Members across the globe 💍