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Oceanside Beach Metal detecting ring finder found lost silver wedding band

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As easy as a wedding band can just vanish in the Ocean,it can also easily be found by a Metal detector specialist. This call I received was from Seth, A local Oceanside Surfer who had lost his ring in knee deep water at a South O’ Cassidy beach just a couple hours prior to calling me. Although I arrived within the hour of this call,,The tide was already bashing up against the boulders retaining multi million dollar homes here which was unfortunately too high to conduct a search. One option left from knowing the local conditions, I contacted Seth and let him know I will come back at midnight during the minus 0.46 low tide.

Upon arrival at 11:59 am…Thar was a group of beach goers joyfully having fun directly in the area I needed to scan over….Darn! We ALL gotta stretch our legs after this COVID-19 Plague. BTW ..But Fortunately after just 20 min of “Socially Distance Metal detecting” around them they packed away and then I was able to find Seth’s silver wedding ring buried under 6-8” inches of wet sand pretty quickly!

Thankfully he gave my precise coordinates of where it fell off. This helps out big time!! There are searches that can take many hours or even many days to recover for TRF’s if it’s a large search area with no identifiable markers to go from.
Also probably helpful is I 
am a local native here and know these beaches like the back of my metal detector. This will be Keene to who you google or “Who you’re gonna call?”  📲 💫

Now that the ring was safely in good hands out of the hungry surf,, I met Seth and his wife a couple days later to return it. They were joyously happy I could help them find this irreplaceable wedding ring. Thank you for the generous reward. The History & story’s behind Seth’s ring will continue to live on and on. 🤙