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San Diego Ring Finder saves the day with a metal detector & defies gravity!

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

The San Diego Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a lost precious platinum diamond ring tossed out of the car window with an egg!   Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751 for any roadside lost ring emergencies.

Having been a member of The Ring Finders Service for over 9 years,,I can definitely say I have Not heard it all and probably never will when it comes to the infinity of ways rings have been lost.

This story was interesting to hear from a lady named D.D in Carmel valley,San Diego who accidentally threw both of her diamond rings out the car window while discarding a hard boiled egg for her husband driving.


They pulled over immediately afterwards on the side road searching the easement amongst the plants/vegetation and found the egg including the main diamond ring which landed a few feet behind but could not see the platinum diamond band any where in sight?   Fortunately they thought about a metal detector being useful and found my contact info online later that night.

When we met near the scene of the lost ring there was one hurdle being that this is a narrow and windy road with no parking. So our plan after hopping in her car was to show me the area real quick while her hazard lights were on then she would park down the street a few blocks for the mean time. I knew time was of the essence in addition the sun was setting soon that afternoon as well…

My hypothesis of the most logical place this “Object in Motion” could have ended up at comes from Einsteins theory of general relativity..Including Issac Newton’s apple rolling after falling from a tree.

Sure enough,,Not even a minute of scanning with my metal detector I miraculously found her ring 15-20’ past the egg buried inside of short thick plant that was also 10-12” off the ground.

She was so amazed and relieved I found it so quickly,,I can say the same thing for myself also!! ..;)  as I took some photos defying gravity with our smiles into the planet.