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San Diego treasure hunter & Ring Finder found a lost wedding band

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

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The ring finders metal detecting treasure hunter found a lost wedding band at Carlsbad beach Ca, Open Now. Call 760 889 2751

As Summer is nearing upon us all, People have finally made plans endeavored to simply have some fun in the sun here on San Diego’s sunny beaches.

This emergency TRF call I was contacted by recently was from a group of Texans visiting SoCal. Once again another short yet sweet recovery as they only had to wait around 5-10min for me to unearth it from the time of arrival. Not much too the story except they were all getting ready to leave for their flight back when I had a 911 call at 5:02p.m for HELP. Pictures of the lost wedding band and many smiles were taken at 5:46p.m….Along with a stop for gas & a coffee beforehand though!

Fortunately for those that need help here I live nearby and have ZERO things to hold me down from taking these calls at the drop of a hat…Not so many Detectorist’s or “Treasure hunters” out thar are available to do so.

“Who you gonna call”.  Available whenever.

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