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Lost Gold Diamond Stud Earring in Annapolis, Maryland…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Anne’s Beautiful 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earring Found by THE RING FINDER’S Member Brian Rudolph

Anne, Bill and Stella Celebrating the Recovery of Anne’s Beloved Sentimental Keepsake!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a text from a woman named Anne who I had the pleasure of finding 2 lost rings for her at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland about a year and a half earlier.
Anne and her husband Bill were in the process of moving from their temporary home to their newly built place (which was in its final stage of being completed). Because there were contractors still working in the house, Anne and Bill decided it would be wise to secure their valuables over at the rental home until the work at their new home was completed.

Bill bundled up a bunch of jewelry and other things and searched for some kind of container to place the valuables in during the transport of the items. Because there was so little in the new house, the only thing Bill could find to place the jewelry in was their daughter’s wooden dollhouse that was in her bedroom.

The dollhouse had a number of doors, one on each side of the wooden box. Each door had a separate key assigned to it. Bill opened up some of the doors and locked the family’s jewels inside those compartments (at least Bill thought all of the doors were secured). Along with the dollhouse, Anne’s husband grabbed several other necessities, including a cooler. Then, he walked his two armfuls of stuff to his truck and then returned inside the freshly painted new home to grab some more important items to take to the temporary Annapolis, Maryland rental house.

After Bill arrived back at the rental house with the truck load of things, he emptied the vehicle and laid all of the cargo on the living room floor as well as on top of a coffee table next to the sofa. Sometime later that day, Anne went to retrieve the contents from the dollhouse where all of the keepsakes were placed. She accounted for everything except one very special piece of jewelry – a 14 karat white gold 1 carat diamond stud earring which her aunt gifted her with some years back. There was only one earring in the dollhouse! The matching one had completely disappeared!

Anne was very concerned as to what had happened to the earring and she looked everywhere on the floor of the house as well as in the truck with the hope of finding the little guy.  Again, she returned back to the dollhouse where she searched inside the compartments one more time to see if maybe the jewelry had ended up in a crack or crevice somewhere in the wood of the toy. Unfortunately, all of her efforts led to no avail. The stud could not be recovered.

Anne went to Bill and shared that the earring was nowhere to be found and that’s when her husband began searching everywhere including the new house just in case it fell out of the dollhouse during transport. He had remembered that he was holding a lot of things in his hands and the dollhouse was tipped on an angle. Therefore, he thought that maybe the earring could have fallen out of the box if perhaps one of the doors was not completely locked. He wasn’t sure.

Next, Bill got out his metal detector (which his wife bought for him over the holidays the year before all because he was inspired by my recovery work when I rescued Anne’s two rings at the beach) and tried to find the diamond over by the new house. He searched all along the front path, as well as near the entrance of the rental house, but sadly, he too came up empty-handed.

It was at that point that the couple did some thinking and they remembered how I had helped the family recover the two missing rings in Ocean City, Maryland sometime back. They wondered if I could assist them once again with solving the mystery as to where this family heirloom had disappeared to since I was so successful during their initial call for help. I spoke with the couple on the phone and I shared with them how delighted I was to help them with this new project.

The next morning I headed out to Annapolis, Maryland to meet up with Bill in the driveway of his rental house. I first wanted to search the dollhouse, the truck, the front walkway and the living room of the rental. If I could not find the earring in any of these places, I would head over to the new property and metal detect the pathway leading up to the house.

It was wonderful to see Bill again. The last time I saw him was on the hot sand as he was taking in the sun rays on the beautiful Ocean City, Maryland beach! Once we caught up with what was going on in each of our lives, I asked Bill if I could first inspect the dollhouse. He went into his place and returned with the wooden box. He showed me how he locked the jewelry up inside the compartments, as well as the particular open door that he wasn’t sure if it had ever been fully locked or not.

I took out my endoscope (which is a long snake-like electronic device that has a video lens at the end of it) so I could get an idea as to whether or not there was any open spaces within the dollhouse where the earring may have ended up in. I did see one particular object that was in a gap in one of the compartments, but I could not conclude that the item was in fact a stud diamond earring. When I was convinced enough that the heirloom was nowhere inside the dollhouse, I moved to the next search area which was the truck.

Once I had access to the vehicle, I placed my endoscope in every corner and crevice of the truck, but the diamond did not show up anywhere. I made sure that I looked in the car seat as well as inside the backseats but still I came up with nothing. I was confident at that point that I had not missed the piece of jewelry inside the truck.

My next targeted area would be the grass located near the driveway, as well as detecting along the front path leading to the front door of the house. I got out my metal detector and began searching all of those areas until I concluded that the white gold stud was not in that vicinity, as well.

After I put my metal detector away, I had no other choice but to search the living room of the rental property. I thought, ‘Perhaps the diamond fell out of the dollhouse and landed somewhere on the wood floor or the carpeted area inside the place.’ I got my headlamp out again, along with my endoscope and other gear, and then followed Bill into his temporary home where he led me into the living room just to the left of the foyer.

I was really hoping that I would find the missing diamond stud earring on the floor, around the couch or under its cushions, but I kept striking out! I even looked inside blankets and other items that were taken from the new house over to the rental and everything checked out clean.

This was about the time when I called over to Bill (who was in the other room) in order to do some more brainstorming together. I asked him some more questions and I just was not satisfied yet with leaving the rental property to go over to the new house to start searching the grounds. Something just did not add up with this whole situation.

Once I got all of the answers that I needed from Bill, I told him that I wanted to re-examine the dollhouse once more. Half jokingly he said to me, “Well, if you think there is still a slight chance that the earring is in the dollhouse, I will be happy to run over it with my truck so you can check it out”. I laughed and told the helpful fellow that there was no need for that and I would re-inspect the box over by the couch. We laughed.

Stella, the couple’s firstborn child who I had met previously on the beach a year and a half earlier, made her appearance as she came down the stairs to greet me. I almost didn’t recognize her with how much she grew. The cutie wanted to hang out with me and search for the missing item along side her old beach buddy. You see, when I was in Ocean City, Maryland searching for the two missing rings in the sand, I had Stella join me in the search and I allowed her to take each ring that I recovered over to her mom every time I found one. We both had a lot of fun that day on the beach!

Once I was handed the dollhouse from Bill, I placed it on top of the coffee table right in front of the couch where Stella sat with me and I began to check it out once more. First, I opened up the doors and did a quick visual search just to see if I could have missed any places in the slits that were in each section of the toy. I couldn’t spot anything loose in any of those gaps so I used my endoscope to take another close look internally where the slits exposed some kind wiring beneath the wood structure. It was during that part of my investigation that the endoscope picked up the same object that was the mysterious piece that I had detected with the scope when I first looked in the slits outside by the truck. It did not look like a diamond or even the backing of an earring attached to the post. But it did have some silver-like resemblances to what part of an earring looked like. That certainly got me a bit more curious than my initial look-over.

Whatever that particular object was that was seemingly jammed in that very small section of the dollhouse clearly could not be identified with my endoscope. Nor would I be able to use any kind of tool to pry the mystery object from the slit where my device came across it. The item was jammed too far into the open space and the path that I was dealing with was way too narrow to use my endoscope along with some kind of tweezers to extract the target. So, as Stella was still knelt down beside me patiently waiting to see some magical results, I decided to take a very primitive approach in trying to discover what that mystery item was. I first closed up all of the doors and locked them all up with the individual keys that were assigned to each of the compartments. Next, I took my fist like it was some kind of human hammer and knocked it against the wooden toy several times. I hoped that the created vibrations would knock the target loose from within the narrow space and perhaps cause the mystery object to finally be revealed. I then reopened the door that corresponded with the small gap that I had been investigating and just as I swung the little dollhouse door back to its open position, I beheld before me most unexpected surprise! Lying on the floor of that little hidden compartment was one of the most beautiful white gold and diamond stud earrings I had ever seen! I found it! The earring was in the dollhouse the entire time! It had been wedged so deep inside the vertical slit assigned to that one compartment that neither the naked eye or even the endoscope could track and identify what that mysterious object was! All it took was a good smack upside the head of that cute wooden dollhouse to loosen the piece of jewelry from that chamber and reveal the special little guy to my very own eyes! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy to have recovered the priceless heirloom from the toy!

Stella’s Dollhouse Where Item Recovery Specialist Rudolph Discovered the 14 Karat White Gold 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earring that Had Mysteriously Gone Missing!

Because I wanted to make it a surprise, I carefully removed the earring from the compartment without Stella noticing the jewel. Then, I called Bill over and did the great reveal! His wife Anne was upstairs the whole time taking care of her newborn baby while the search had been going on downstairs. So, unfortunately I was not able to include Anne in the big surprise. However, Bill’s incredible over-the-top reaction along with Stella’s shock and excitement was so amazing that it truly compensated for his other half’s absence at the grand reveal!

Next, the two family members rushed upstairs to share the good news with Anne! Moments later, the young lady came downstairs with her beautiful new born baby and thanked me over and over again for such a successful recovery of her cherished family heirloom! I was so happy for her own happiness and relief which she was experiencing at that moment! The whole house lit up with much joy and excitement!

As it turned out, the earring had never left the dollhouse from the initial moment when Bill placed all the jewelry inside that particular compartment! It had been in there the entire time! However, with all of the shaking and flipping, the little guy got stuck inside one of the slits and became trapped in such a way that no tool could help identify it! It was after I checked all of the areas where it could possibly have dropped (other than searching the front path at the new house where I was going to go next) that I began to get bothered by the fact that I never did identify what that silver-like object was when I first inspected the box. I felt pressed to re-check the dollhouse once more just to make certain that I wasn’t missing it! And boy am I glad that I did!

What a wonderful recovery and a terrific search story that will live on in this beloved family for years to come! Not only did I recover two rings for them a year and a half earlier, but in meeting up with the family once again I was able to find a third item that was also so very precious to Anne as was her diamond wedding band and engagement ring!

I drove away from their rental home feeling so overjoyed with excitement for this family’s new found happiness! As I made my way back home, I continued to give thanks to God for helping me assist these very special people find their extremely special and precious keepsake! What an incredible m time that was! What a fantastic mystery I solved!


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