Newlywed’s Platinum Ring Lost

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

got a call from Don the day after July 4th saying he’d lost his platinum wedding ring in the sand at Grand Haven State Park the day before.  Having only been married 5 weeks, his friend asked to see his ring.  In hindsight, tossing it to him probably wasn’t the best plan on the beach.  As soon as something hits beach sand it vanishes like socks in a dryer.  Don spent HOURS sifting a 6’x10’ section of the beach with a colander with no luck in locating the ring.   I love these types of searches vs water searches. Knowing where something is lost in the sand it can usually be located in an matter of minutes and this was no exception – Don had his ring back in less than 5 minutes 🙂

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