Deceased father’s ring lost at Grand Haven

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received a text from Hailey who said her friend Gavin had lost his deceased father’s wedding ring at Grand Haven State Park.  After returning home to Muskegon, Gavin called me and stated he’d lost the ring IN the lake.  The detector I had with me wasn’t waterproof so i would have to run home to grab my Garrett AT Pro and meet up with him about 2 hours later.  When I arrived at the beach Gavin and his mother were there, as well as Greg, the Ring Finder from the Grand Rapids area, and 2 firefighters with metal detectors already searching.  After a brief 15 minute search I got a signal so loud that it startled me and I had his family heirloom in my scoop.  His mother was so overjoyed she started to cry.

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