Engagement Ring Lost & Found in Lake Michigan

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received a text from Rebekah Saturday evening after losing her engagement ring in waist deep water in Lake Michigan at Holland State Park.  She and Mike had only been engaged 3 weeks and was desperate for help to retrieve it.  I was able to meet them at the park the following day but when I got close to the park the traffic backup to get in was a half mile long.  Hoping I wouldn’t have to park outside the park and hike in with my detecting gear I was let into the park after about a 20 minute wait.  Rebekah had a pretty good idea where the ring had slipped off so I began a methodical search.  Normally, it would take 30-40 minutes to find a target given they knew approximately where they ring was lost.  This search, however, turned out to be the longest search I’ve ever done.  After 2 hours, Mike and Rebekah had to leave and I said I’d stay another hour, if I hadn’t found it by then I’d return the following weekend and try again.  An hour later, just as I was about to give up, I got a solid signal and saw her beautiful white gold and sapphire ring in my scoop.

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