Wedding Ring Lost and Found at Port Sheldon Pier

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Angela on Thursday, Aug 23rd. Her husband, Hector, had lost his wedding ring in Lake Michigan at Port Sheldon Pier 4 days before.  When my wife heard where this search was to take place she insisted on tagging along.  Because the search area was within a gated community, Angela met us at a nearby park and escorted us into the lakeside community my wife’s grandparent’s lived in when she was growing up; she was SO excited just to be where she’d spent so many summers when she was little.  The search, however, would have to wait for a few more days; the waves were 5′-7′ high and it wasn’t going to get any better until the weekend.  I went back Sunday after church and started my search a little after noon.  It was REALLY foggy and I couldn’t see more than about 50 yards in any direction but the water was nice and calm and I was the only one on the beach.  It only took about 30 minutes to find Hector’s ring right where he said it had fallen off (about 30 yards off shore and about 30 yards from the pier).  It never ceases to amaze me how gold rings tend to stay right where they’re dropped even after 4 days of high winds and waves.  Angela had worked worked 3rd shift the night before and slept thru her alarm so it was about an hour before she and Hector arrived after I had texted her that his ring was safe and sound in my pouch :o)