Wedding Ring Lost in Lake Michigan 24 hours after wedding =:0

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received an email from Samantha stating that, the day after they were married, she and her husband Brian went to Muskegon State Park where he lost his new wedding ring.  She spent most of that day looking for it on the beach with a borrowed metal detector with no luck and that it may have been lost in the water.  She had pretty much lost hope of finding it, but if I’d like to try looking she would meet me at the State Park the next day.

After giving me an idea of the approximate location the ring may have fallen off,  I set out to do a grid search in Lake Michigan.  It took close to an hour but in about waist deep water I finally saw gold in my scoop!  What a beautiful ring.  Another happy ending and another picture for my Book of Smiles 🙂