Wedding band found in attic insulation.

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Marv M. on Wednesday, Dec. 16th, as I headed into church.  He had lost his wedding ring 2 months prior while working in his attic.  As he brushed his hands together to remove the insulation dust, his ring slipped off, hit the roof and fell into the insulation.  He had a good idea where it had fallen so he borrowed a neighbor’s old metal detector and attempted to locate it himself.  The problem was, it had fallen into an area where there were a lot of TV cables and electrical lines.  The metal detector was an older model with limited discrimination and sensitivity adjustments and just chattered the whole time it was turned on.  I made the trip out to Muskegon Friday afternoon after stopping at Menards for a painter’s coverall and dust mask (not knowing if it was fiberglass insulation I’d be hunting in).  I was able to discriminate out the nails, electrical handy boxes  and truss plates but the electrical lines cause chatter that’s impossible to eliminate short of shutting off power to the whole house (anyone who’s detected under overhead power lines knows the chatter I’m referring to).  I turned the sensitivity down to the point the chatter was ‘manageable’ and was determined to find a solid signal.  It was only about a 6′ square section I needed to concentrate on and I was able to find the ring in about 15 minutes.

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  1. Dave Boyer says:

    Nice job Tom, getting the job done with ever it takes.

  2. Carl Hager says:

    Read all your post.
    This is awesome,
    My passion is relics, but to help other people would make my day!
    Great job Tom

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