Another Wedding Ring Found in Lake Michigan!

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

While camping with his wife and in-laws at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park on Lake Michigan, Josh B. lost his wedding ring in the surf while tossing a football about 30 yards from shore.   Since I love metal detecting in the big lake, I get alerts from the local weather service when there are hazardous conditions on the lake shore and I had just received one of those alerts before Josh contacted me.  There were 6-9 foot waves and dangerous rip currents for the next two days and I knew it would impossible to search before Friday morning.  Josh wondered if it was even realistic to be able to find it after those conditions.  I told him of a similar situation that had occurred at Grand Haven State park last year and that I was successful in locating a wedding ring after that storm.  If he knew where the ring had fallen off there was a good chance I’d be able to find it.  Josh took a couple hours off work Friday morning and we made the trip out to the beach getting there shortly after sun rise.  Since there is no public parking in the campground, we parked about a half mile south of the campground at the public beach and made the hike north to the State Park beach.  During the hike north, Josh asked what my success rate was at finding rings in Lake Michigan, I said 100% so far (I hoped it stayed that way!).  The waves were still a good three feet and tossed me around a little but was I able to locate Josh’s ring in about 20 minutes.

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