Engagement Ring Lost In Lake Michigan Found!

  • from Grand Haven (Michigan, United States)

IMG_0577 IMG_0579Katelyn was to have her engagement ring and wedding band soldered together this week because she was going to be married this Friday; the only problem was she had just lost her engagement ring in Lake Michigan!  Her cousin Kim called me and asked if I could come out right away, I said, “Absolutely, I’ll be there in about 40 minutes.”   Katelyn’s Aunt Carol and Uncle Tom stayed with her in the water to mark the approximate location that Katelyn saw her ring fall off while I made the drive out to Holland State Park.  The three of them, with Katlyn’s younger cousins, Mikayla and Sawyer, spread out to form a 20′ square area for me to do a thorough search in.  At first I thought it wasn’t in the area they thought as I got no hits at all after my first pass though the area.  I went back and searched again and found it right next to Mikala on the edge of the search area; I was probably standing on it when I started my search.  It actually only took about 10 or 15 minutes to search the 20 sq. ft. area and find the ring.  That was one very happy bride to be and another smiling face for my book of smiles.

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  1. John Volek says:

    Well DONE!

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