Construction Site Cell Phone

  • from Caroline (Alberta, Canada)

On September 28, 2020 John called me, asked if I could help search for his brand new cell phone.  He explained what happened and where he was at.  I knew the construction site and it was less than a 10 minute drive from my house.  John was a hoe operator, and had been moving dirt around, and packing it at the site.  He had know idea of the spot where he might have lost the phone, but had it when he started moving dirt. It was not a large area so I felt confident the search would not take long.  The first good tone I got was,  45 seconds after I turned the AT Gold on.  I found the dirt to be extremely packed and hard and for some reason, John thought that could not be the spot, so I carried on.  After half hour of searching elsewhere, I said I wanted to dig the first signal. Soon some heavy duty digging from both John and myself, we uncovered his brand new cell phone, about 10 inches down.  The phone had not fared out so well. John had a few choice words to say about his phone, then thanked me for the work.  I asked John how he found me.  He said he just googled metal detector rentals, and The Ring Finders site came up.  Sorry about your new phone John.

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