Ring lost a year ago found

  • from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

I got a message from Eric about a lost ring so I immediately made arrangements to go look for it. It was a tough hunt because like everyone’s yard, it’s full of foil, bits of aluminum cans and pull tabs which all give a very similar signal as a gold ring!!

Here is the story in his own words:

The summer of 2021 the wife was out in the yard playing with our little ones and the local kids during a rain. They was all spinning around and having fun. The wife came into the living room crying because her wedding ring had fallen off and she couldn’t find it. So being the husband I’m trained to be, lol, I went to Dunhams and purchased an $80 metal detector and tried for a few months to find the ring. Well a year later from when she lost the ring, I had to message Steve on Facebook and asked for help. He came out on June 12th and spent a few hours in the yard finding a bunch of stuff. Then I look over and Steve motions me over with a big smile. There it was in the ground. We can’t say thank you enough.

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