Lost wedding ring found in Parkersburg Wv

  • from Marietta (Ohio, United States)

I received an email recently from a lady in Parkersburg and she tells me that she lost her wedding ring and is “heartbroken”. We exchange phone numbers and decided on a time. I arrive and after introduction, I ask how she lost her ring. They both laugh(her and her husband) and she said….”well…..I was mad at him and took my ring off and threw at him!!”
I told her that more rings are lost that way that you realize. I took an old ring of mine and ask them to get to the spot where they were and throw the ring again. She thought I was crazy but assured her and she let it fly. I watched the ring so I had a trajectory and distance. After a short grid, I realized that she was mad so the ring probably went further. A short hunt and 10’ further I found her ring!! I found out that it was handed down to her from her mother in law. No wonder she was “heartbroken”. It was a good day!!