Youngster Lost Pool Key after Falling into Ivy Landscaping .. Dana Point, CA. .. Found by a Lucky Dad

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




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***  Justin had been walking on a sidewalk with his 5 year old son near their condo. His son had been holding the pool key that had a unique yellow plastic pineapple fob. His son tripped taking a pretty tough fall. The key went flying into the ivy.

Justin had to comfort his son as the little guy was quite shaken up. After the little guy calmed down they realized that the key was missing. They were already back home, so Justin spent two hours searching each side of the walkway. The next morning he spent another four hours with no luck. The key wasn’t hard to replace but it had a $250 deposit and it would take another $250 to get another key.

I met him at his home in Dana Point, CA. He guided me to a parking place very close to the walkway. I asked him to show me the general location before I took my equipment out of the car. As we walked to the zone, I mentioned to him that he might find it before I do. It has happened several times before.

Justin showed me an area approximately 40 feet long mostly covered with a large leaf ivy only about 8 inches thick. I felt it wouldn’t be a problem to find the key with my 15 inch coil on the Equinox 800. Before going to my car to get the detector, I asked him to describe the plastic yellow pineapple fob. He looked down at the ivy where there was a yellow ivy leaf, he pointed at the leaf then reached down picking up the missing key lying right next to the yellow leaf.

After Justin had spent 6 hours of searching. He found the key in 10 minutes while showing me where to search. The first time for him but not the first time for me. What is most important, is that the item gets found. I didn’t even have to fire up my detector. It’s all charged up ready for the next call out.


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