Lost Necklace and Earrings in Sand at Newport Beach .. Found

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I was contacted by Nancy who was in Newport Beach when she lost a couple pieces of jewelry.  She ask if it was possible to find a thin white gold necklace and two small crystal stud ear rings that were lost in the sand. They were lost the day before when Nancy had placed them on the edge of here towel and forgot to retrieve them before picking up her towel. 

I explained to her that small chain necklaces and stud earrings can be a challenge but I have a couple detectors that I have set up for these type searches. I was excited to give this a try. Even though we might have had beach cleaning equipment pass through that section of the beach in the morning.

When I arrived Nancy and her friends were at they exact location of where the loss occurred. I went through the area two times with one detector and couldn’t find any of the items. Even though they had moved so I could do the whole area, I thought I would come back after everybody left with my XP Deus using a high frequency coil. 

It is definitely less stress searching without people standing over you. These small items sometimes just give the slightest of signals. I set up at 74khz and a wide open program. First good signal was one of the stud earrings which had the backing on. ( easier to find) Then the other earring and lastly the thin gold chain that was stretched out length wise. It had a small pendant which probably helped get me a signal but it was still an amazing find because I had missed all these with the other detector.

I called Nancy and she arranged for me to return the jewelry to her friend, Colleen. The photo is of Colleen and her son at the moment they received the necklace and earrings. She was so excited for her friend Nancy. I like seeing these kind of reactions. This is my reward for providing this service.



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  1. Griff says:

    Nice work Stan. REALLY difficult target to find.

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